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Why you might like fireful

Firebase doesn't have an editor for managing content. As a developer, you either have to build a panel for your clients or worse, maintain the data yourself.

1. Easy install
Fireful works with any structure you have in your project.
2. Unopinionated
Keep using firebase the way you do. Fireful is only for the content you define.
3. No-code builder
Build your content studio in minutes with the drag & drop editor.


Beautiful studio

Fireful offers a content manager that is pleasant to the eye and intuitive to use.

Field validations

Validations prevent your app from breaking because of a simple mistyped field value.

Storage uploader

Image, video, and document fields handle all your storage logic, freeing you from having to copy-paste download URLs.

Media gallery

Organize your gallery with folders, see references from firestore documents, and delete unused assets with ease.

History retention

See detailed changelogs for all documents and easily restore a document to an earlier version.

Multiple users

Invite your collaborators to the studio so they can get to work while you focus on building your app.


Check out the list of available fields below.

You would like to see a field type implemented? Suggest it here.


Sign in with Google and select your firebase project.

Setup the fields for the collections you’ll be using.

Start editing your content!

Watch me create an example project for a blog.